Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang


Syarif  : Come here quickly Heri!
Heri     : Whats up Syarif?
Syarif  : what have you done for UPK?
Heri     : Oh, I’ve been practicing a program and make a layout
(Come Adrian dan Ferdy)
Adrian & Ferdy: Hy what are you doing?
Heri     : we’re talking about UPK, what have you done so far?
Ferdy   : If I’ve prepared and practiced assembling components
Syarif  : If you Adrian?
Adrian : If I’ve made a program for the microcontroller
Heri     : I do not get yeah, how about we learn together so that we can pass along with satisfactory results
Ferdy, Adrian & Syarif: okay it’s good idea
Syarif  : What If I’m at home training course and how about tomorrow?
Heri, Adrian & Ferdy: okay I’ll see you tomorrow

The next day at home Syarif

Heri     : Syarif Hy what else is coming?
Syarif  : not yet, maybe the others are still busy
Heri     : well, let’s wait for them

Then comes Adrian & Ferdy

Adrian : Hy Syarif, Hy Heri sorry we were late
Ferdy   : yes forgive us, I have problem at home, my sister is ill
Syarif  : I’m sorry to hear that, what your sister beeing seeing?
Ferdy   : it’s why I’m late
Heri     : I hope your sister a speedy recovery
Adrian : yeah your sister a speedy recovery
Ferdy   : I’ll thankyou to say to my sister
Syarif, Heri & Adrian: okay equally
Heri     : let us learn
Syarif  : O yeah I forgot, for a moment i want to take some drink first
Adrian : yes please but we learned first huh?
Syarif  : well in the case, but then I ask to teach well
Ferdy   : well, we’ll teach you until you can understand what we learned today
Adrian : for drinking is also not too long well leet us not be too dizzy to explain
Syarif  : yes okay 5 minutes
Heri     : Come on Come on, we are going to learn not drink
Ferdy   : yes true also say Heri
Adrian : so now what will we learn first?
Heri     : how do we learn how to make a layout first?
Adrian : well, than you Ferdy better because you know it all, please explain to us
Ferdy   : well I’ll explain
Syarif  : wait, this is a drink you
Heri     : uh yeah a pardon has been troublesome
Syarif  : yes no what will we students?
Adrian : Ferdy will explain how to create a layout
Syarif  : okay, all right
Ferdy   : first create a paper layout sketch, and create on your computer and print using photo paper
Heri     : oh so ya how to make a layout
Adrian : it was not too difficult
Syarif  : I think I can make it
Ferdy   : yes that’s not too hard right!
Heri     : are you want pm
Adrian : hmm, yes well we went home well
Syarif  : you want to go home?
Heri     : yes, sometime we learn together again yeah
Syarif  : Oke if so
Ferdy   : Let say goodbye to go home so Syarif
Syarif  : oh yes, be careful on the street bro!
Adrian : yes, sorry we had trouble
Syarif  : yes it’s okay
Heri, Ferdy & Adrian: goodbye
Syarif  : goodbye

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